DB2 Basic Commands

Basic DB2 Commands

  • Size of your database:
      • =>db2 'call get_dbsize_info(?,?,?,0)'
  • Version of DB2 you are running:
      • =>db2level
  • Stop the db2 instance
    • =>db2stop
  • Stop an instance that has current connections
      • =>db2 force applications all
      • =>db2 deactivate db <dbname>
      • =>db2 terminate
      • =>db2stop force
      • =>ipclean
  • Start the db2 instance
    • =>db2start

Kill a hung instance (last resort)

  • =>db2_kill -all

List the databases in an instance

  • =>db2 list db directory

List the cataloged nodes

  • =>db2 list node directory

Show the database manager configuration settings

  • =>db2 get dbm cfg

Show the database level configuration settings

  • =>db2 get db cfg for <dbname>

Activate a database

  • =>db2 activate db <dbname>

Deactivate a database

  • =>db2 deactivate db <dbname>

View the DB2 License

    • =>db2licm -l

To switch between partitions

  • =>db2 terminate; export DB2NODE=<new-node-num>

###Restart a DB2 DPF system



db2stop force

db2_all "ipclean -a"



db2start admin mode user <instance_id> restricted access

db2_all "<<+0< db2 restart db DBNAME"

db2_all "<<-0<||db2 restart db DBNAME"

db2 -v "unquiesce instance INSTNAME"

db2 "activate db DBNAME"



1. db2_all "db2 connect to DBNAME; db2 values current node; db2 terminate"

2. db2 "get snapshot for database manager" => should show all nodes are active

IBM DB2 UDB for Linux, Unix and Windows Command Reference